I have been a DIY home iprovement guys for as long as I could remember. GUess where I learned it all from?

My Father!

He always has his tools out and would be fiddling with things for my mom, trying to make the house better. Naturally, I wanted to help all the time so he showed me how to do some pretty things.

Home Improvement Craftsman

Now, by all means I am not super expert on home improvement or contractor work. In fact, I have had to get one of my contractor buddies to pull a permit for me before when I was doing a large job on the exterior of my house.

ing stress during the week, I work on the computer. I do data management for large companies. Well,this puts me in front of a screen for 8 hour + a day! There is nothing i love more than being able to come home in the evening and on the weekends and be able to work with my hands. It’s like an amazing stress reliever to me and makes me feel better.

Wood Work

I really enjoy working with wood. I built my own fish tank stand. I have a large 90 gallon reef tank that I am absolutely love. I also built our bed frame, coffee table and many other things around the house.

Picture of my fish tank stand

So, I am going to make this Home Improvement site all about ways to make your home more beautiful. My idea is to give some how to guides and interview some people who build some cool stuff!

Finally, if you have any questions about home improvement for your own home, feel free to zip over to my contact form!